The Total Leader



Developing Leaders for the 21st Century

As the world of business continues to react and evolve to recession and volatile markets, the need for strong, decisive leaders has become more important than ever. In tough economic conditions, the companies that are persevering all have one thing in common: great, visionary leaders.

Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Bill Gates were not only great leaders, but also extremely tireless workers, effortless communicators and selfless mentors. They had the ability to see where their companies needed to go to succeed, and the skills to lead and inspire thousands of employees to move in that direction and lift their organizations to astronomical heights.

At LMI, we’re in the business of developing stronger leaders, from the top of your company to the ground floor. We don’t teach a single leadership style, but instead lead individuals down paths that will help them discover their own unique and effective style of leadership that suits their personality.



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The Total Leader

The Total Leader program was founded on two principles. The first principle is that for organizations to succeed in the current business environment, they must have strong leadership at every level of the company. The second principle holds that in order for leadership development to be successful, it must allow for integrated, total development – like LMI’s 4-Step Process.

The Total Leader concept outlines four areas that a person must successfully master before they can be viewed as a wholly complete leader:


Productivity: Working Smart

A Total Leader must be able to manage their time and priorities to maximize their level of productivity.  LMI’s Effective Personal Productivity program was specifically designed to help people develop these skills.


Strategic: Charting the Course

A Total Leader must be able to strategically lead an organization by defining its vision and delivering results.  Our Effective Strategic Leadership program helps leaders develop their organizational culture and strategic execution skills.



Personal: Living with Purpose

To succeed and lead an organization, a person must first be able to lead himself or herself along the path of life. With personal prosperity comes professional advancement, and our Effective Personal Leadership program perfectly outlines the principles necessary to becoming a Total Leader in both aspects of life.


Motivation: Getting Things Done Through Others

A Total Leader has the ability to inspire optimal productivity out of the people who surround them. This takes excellent intuition, communication and vision, which are all staples of our Effective Motivational Leadership program.