Effective Selling Strategies ®



Program Outline


A common theme across all of LMI’s developmental programs is motivation. Whether you’re trying to become more productive, communicate more effectively, or evolve into a better salesperson, strong self-motivation and crystallized goals are the keys to your enhanced success.

The Effective Selling Strategies program will help you learn the arts of prospecting and presentation delivery so you can attract clients. We’ll then show you how to recognize buying signals and discover prime buying motives so you can become an expert closer and deliver the ultimate customer experience.

LMI’s eight-phase Effective Selling Strategies program is meant for people who are motivated to make professional selling their career. The program’s methods can be used to achieve maximum results within the sales profession.



Like all of our developmental programs, the road to more effective selling strategies begins with an introduction to the basic concepts of the LMI Process and our developmental approach. Your complete buy-in to the notions of multi-sensory learning, spaced repetition and the power of goal setting is vital to successfully completing the program. Additionally, our personal and job related goal planning sheets and goal tracking systems will ensure that you always know where you stand and how much you’re improving.

Moving beyond the general phases, this program will teach you how to maximum your personal effectiveness as a salesperson through improved time management. It will also help you define your target market and approach that market through various effective methods, such as through relationships and referrals. After that, the Effective Selling Strategies program will walk you through the concepts of the sales interview, how to recognize prime buying signals, and how to effectively close sales. The final phase of this program involves the discussion of methods for overcoming stalls and objections, which will complete your transformation to an exceptionally effective professional salesperson.

LMI’s programs follow a developmental process, and our Effective Selling Strategies program may be a great way for you to achieve your current goals. The most important aspect of any of our programs is you; your level of engagement and participation will go a long way in determining your success. Most successful LMI partners begin with an Effective Personal Productivity Showcase session to gain an understanding of the process and how our programs will specifically cater to your needs. For all the details of our Effective Selling Strategies program, please consult our full program outline.

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