Effective Leadership Development ®



Program Outline

Faulty communication and poor leadership are, unfortunately, the bane of many companies. Regardless of employee talent or product quality, if an organization’s leaders aren’t effectively communicating, managing, delegating and increasing productivity, that organization will remain stagnant instead of moving forward toward its goals. Not only will products and people fail to reach their full potential, the atmosphere, morale and productivity of the organization will suffer immensely. Talented employees may even become disgruntled and leave, while those who remain question the value of their work and the overall direction of the organization.

Thankfully, great leadership can be developed and good communication can be taught. Any organization, no matter what their current situation, can be turned around and improved. The key to effective leadership development lies in training and motivating people to a higher level of productivity.

LMI’s ten-phase Effective Leadership Development program is designed to help current leaders realize the full weight of their actions and learn to lead with authority and conviction. It will also help develop new leaders and equip them with all the tools to motivate and nurture people to their maximum potential.



Like all of our developmental programs, the road to more effective leadership development begins with an introduction to the basic concepts of the LMI Process and our developmental approach. Your complete buy-in to the notions of multi-sensory learning, spaced repetition and the power of goal setting is vital to successfully completing the program. Additionally, our personal and job related goal planning sheets and goal tracking systems will ensure that you always know where you stand and how much you’re improving.

The individual phases of our Effective Leadership Development program shed light on the purpose of leadership development and the real definition of success. With the understanding that successful leaders are made – not born – this program preaches the value of time management and maximizing time-use, for both yourself and those around you. From there, we’ll move into teaching you the arts of effectively exercising authority and delegating tasks. The final phases of this program delve into the core of why effective communication is essential to great leadership as well as how to motivate people to produce.

As you complete our Effective Leadership Development program, you’ll gain the ability to prevent and solve problems by seeing the opportunity in every difficulty, and you’ll unlock the key to developing people to their full potential.

LMI’s programs follow a developmental process, and our Effective Leadership Development program may be a great way for you to achieve your current goals. The most important aspect of any of our programs is you; your level of engagement and participation will go a long way in determining your success. Most successful LMI partners begin with an Effective Personal Productivity Showcase session to gain an understanding of the process and how our programs will specifically cater to your needs. For all the details of our Effective Leadership Development program, please consult our full program outline.

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