Effective Personal Leadership ®



Program Outline


Great leaders are respected and revered. They are self-motivated and tenacious individuals who are admired within all levels of an organization. It is a leader that blazes new trails and accomplishes feats others have only dreamed. Your ability as a leader can speak volumes about how you are observed as a professional and as a representative of your organization. Whether in your personal life or in your career, you will be observed according to your ability to lead your peers and in your role as a thought leader in your field and industry.

Visionaries are hidden in every organization and LMI Canada aims to reveal your untapped potential. Through our Effective Personal Leadership program, you will develop the skill-set required to spearhead your goals and create a winning environment despite the odds.

LMI’s fourteen-phase Effective Personal Leadership program is designed to uncover, develop and tailor your personal leadership abilities.



Like all of our developmental programs, your road to more effective personal leadership begins with an introduction to the basic concepts of the LMI Process and our developmental approach. Your complete buy-in to the notions of multi-sensory learning, spaced repetition and the power of goal setting is vital to successfully completing the program. Additionally, our personal and job related goal planning sheets and goal tracking systems will ensure that you always know where you stand and how much you’re improving.

Once we focus on the specific phases of the Effective Personal Leadership program, we will unlock your existing potential and show you why your self-image and motivation are absolutely critical to your skill as a leader. Attitudes, habits and demotivators, you will discover, are the fuel to your personal growth and together we will tackle the behaviours that may be holding you back from realizing your full potential. Once you are equipped with the skills to design your personal growth, we will develop a personal Plan of Action that’s specially geared toward spearheading goals and expertly tackling obstacles.

From there, you will discover the five leadership essentials, from which you will expose an unremitting self-confidence and determination in yourself as a leader. By phase ten, you will be empowered with the personal creativity, enthusiasm and fortitude of an exceptional personal leader.

LMI’s programs follow a developmental process, and our Effective Personal Leadership program may be a great way for you to achieve your current goals. The most important aspect of any of our programs is you; your level of engagement and participation will go a long way in determining your success. Most successful LMI partners begin with an Effective Personal Productivity Showcase to gain an understanding of the process and how our programs will specifically cater to your needs. For all the details of our Effective Personal Leadership program, please consult our full program outline.

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