Effective Management Development ®



Program Outline

Management-level employees are the lifeblood of every company. Without a solid foundation of managers adept at organizing people, time and resources, an organization would simply float aimlessly in the vast and dangerous waters of today’s volatile economic environment. Employees do not want to be forced or told to do anything, but they do want to be directed and, most importantly, want to know they’re making valuable contributions to the organization they work for. In most cases, employees will work extremely hard if they are treated and managed correctly, and are often anxious to figure out how they are performing and what they can improve upon.

With the LMI Effective Management Developmental program, we will teach your leaders how to balance power and authority productively and empower the people around them.

LMI’s twelve-phase Effective Management Development program is designed to help your managers lead your company to success.



The road to more effective management development begins with organizational goal setting and an introduction to the basic concepts of the LMI Process and our developmental approach. Your organization’s complete buy-in to the notions of multi-sensory learning, spaced repetition and the power of goal setting is vital to successfully completing the program.After the initial phases, we’ll delve into the methods of becoming an effective manager and the idea of achieving success through goal setting. By having the people of your organization commit themselves to their dreams and make workable plans to integrate personal and business goals, you’ll be well on your way to developing effective management.

As your organization reaches the middle of the program, we’ll show people how to get results through time management and maximize personal productivity by getting rid of negative attitudes. Additionally, we’ll cover techniques that managers can use to empower other people, balance their authority productively, and improve their communication skills. By the time we’re all the way through this program, we’ll have taught your managers how to cope constructively with change and stress, and revealed our methods for developing a dynamic decision making strategy.

The end goal of the Effective Management Development program is to get a commitment to the management challenge, which ultimately helps managers attract and keep people on the path of excellence.

LMI’s programs follow a developmental process, and our Effective Management Development program may be a great way for you to achieve your current goals. The most important aspect of any of our programs is you; your level of engagement and participation will go a long way in determining your success. Most successful LMI partners begin with an Effective Personal Productivity Showcase session to gain an understanding of the process and how our programs will specifically cater to your needs. For all the details of our Effective Management Development program, please consult our full program outline.

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