Effective Team Dynamics ®



Program Outline

People thrive when they are put in a comfortable environment and allowed to work and provide input on projects they are passionate about. Great managers create effective teams by having the intuition and foresight to put their employees in situations where they can learn, grow and achieve their personal goals while simultaneously doing great work for their company. Too many companies throw their teams together without thinking about group dynamics or asking their employees for input regarding their tasks and assignments.

The Effective Team Dynamics program helps managers understand their teams and outlines proven methods for setting and achieving team goals.

The four-phase Effective Team Dynamics program is designed to help both managers and team member begin to thrive in a learning environment, and understand the five keys to team success by assuming responsibility and accountability.



Like all of our developmental programs, the road to more effective team dynamics begins with an introduction to the basic concepts of the LMI Process and our developmental approach. Your complete buy-in to the notions of multi-sensory learning, spaced repetition and the power of goal setting is vital to successfully completing the program. Next, the program delves into the power of effective teamwork by discussing the notions of high performance teamwork and introduces the goal-planning sheet.

As you move toward the end of the program, we will give you the full rundown of the five keys to team success, which include crystallizing your thinking, developing a plan of action for your goals, tapping into sincere desire, maintaining supreme confidence, and developing dogged determination. The Effective Team Dynamics program closes with the concept of high-performance teamwork, which provides an in-depth look at the concepts of truth, respect and synergy as they relate to assuming responsibility and remaining accountable to the team.

LMI’s programs follow a developmental process, and our Effective Team Dynamics program may be a great way for you to achieve your current goals. The most important aspect of any of our programs is you; your level of engagement and participation will go a long way in determining your success. Most successful LMI partners begin with an Effective Personal Productivity Showcase session to gain an understanding of the process and how our programs will specifically cater to your needs. For all the details of our Effective Team Dynamics program, please consult our full program outline.

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